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the game of life
Psychological transformational game of self-knowledge
Leela - the ancient game of self-awareness. In Sanskrit LEELA means "game" (a game of God and His devotees, bringing spiritual bliss).
Age of the game is at least 2,000 years.
LEELA is above religions. This is a rare opportunity to speak frankly with your soul. LEELA helps improve oneself, allowing to look at one's life, internal states and their reflections in real life, analyze one's actions, free unnecessary, align with one's higher aspects, comprehend the laws of the Universe, answer the underlying questions, achieve the desired and, through conscious work on oneself, change one's life.

How does the game go?

To enter the game, you need to be born in Leela game, you should throw a six, then move to the cell number 1 (Door of Life) and immediately from there to the cell number 6 (Delusion).
Born in LEELA, the player is moving on the playing field. The playing field consists of 72 cells, which correspond to the internal state of the player, the plans of existence, level of Consciousness. With each roll of the dice object, symbolizing the player on the field, moves from cell to cell in accordance with the karmic lot.
The player passes through various levels and states, rising with Arrows and falling together with Snakes. As a result, after a few minutes of game players' mind, intellect and ego (sense of "Self") are getting involved.
Watching one's move around the game board, the player keeps track of his/her responses and internal states, draws parallels with their manifestations in his/her real life. The structure of the game allows one to penetrate deeply into the Divine principles and knowledge. Discovering one's inner space, perceiving one's life as a reflection of the microcosm, the player develops a state of non-involvement, trying to vibrate in harmony, no matter what happens. Ups and downs are losing their importance.

To participate in LEELA player needs:

1. Your request to enter the game
The request can be from any area of life. The request can be both material and spiritual
2. A small personal item (chip for the playing field)
3. Willingness to be honest with oneself

What does participants say about Leela game?

Julia Lakshmi Rudakova has been holding the game for > 5 years in different cities and countries.
This game delighted me, I did not expect that it works so cool!

I wanted to write about my news a little later ... I'm pregnant! Everything worked out! Thank you very much for your warmth!
This experience will be a clue for you on your way, a clue in those situations from which, it would seem, there is no way out.

I played twice, both times were fateful for me.
I can compare Leela with Lakshmi in terms of the impact on the subconscious with shamanistic ceremonies.
Magic happens!

Everyone who comes to the game, the game gives an answer to the question that interesting to him

I liked the game because you start asking yourself questions which should be asked every day, and the people around help you; how do you react to different situations; who are you? And why are you doing this?
Thank you Julia, I can say she did an analysis of our personalities through the game. As a guide, she guided us through our fears, malice, and some things that prevent us from making ourselves happy in life.
I noticed what was bothering me. Now I am sure that I will achieve my goal faster and easier.

The most valuable that the game showed me clearly the way in my life.

This game is both an appointment with a therapist and a journey to Guru, which gives the necessary clues and directs attention to the place where it is really needed.
This is very cool, even if you are in the same square. Accept yourself and enjoy. That was wow!

In this game, the Universe speaks to you through other people.

Julia, thank you for your sensitivity and environmental friendliness in relation to each player. You helped to see fantasies - fantasies and clarify the true intention. The pointers obtained a year ago in the game turned around with a whole story and were fully revealed and realized only after a year!


Places in a group up to 10 people. Please check availability via private message. To book participation, you need to make an advance payment of 15 €
Date and address to be confirmed
Leela game could be also individual, for a couple or a closed company
The guide of the game
Julia Lakshmi Rudakova (originally from Ukraine):
Certified practicing psychologist, creator of transformational programs. Certified experienced Guide of the game Leela (moderating the game > 5 years in different cities and countries).

Coaching for specialist in the helping professions.

For more than 15 years studied different methods of development, self-knowledge and psychology.

Leader of group retreats, intensives, traveling with soul sense.
Provide private and group conseling and therapy.
Experience and education

My education Courses:
Since 2013 I have been studying the practice of mindfulness, relaxation and body-oriented therapy. I traveled a lot and collected different techniques.
Since 2018 I have been working with groups and individually.
I have done author's programs, psychological transformational games in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Cyprus and Bali.
I am holding a private psychological practice, group therapy (live and online).

2011-2013 - Gestalt therapy + workshops in an existential approach (Ukraine)
2012 – seminar - working with traumas according to the method of Liz Burbo (Canada, Ukraine)
2014 - 2017 - seminars - family constellations by Bert Hellinger (Ukraine)
2015 - seminar - transpersonal psychology and holotropic breathing session with the founder of the direction Stanislav Grof (Czech Republic, Ukraine)
2018 - training and certification at the school of the masters of the psychological transformational game "Leela. The game of life." (Ukraine)
2018 - training in coaching at a seminar with Tony Robbins (London)
2019 - passing the course "Master of the Game" with Vadim Demchog (Moscow)
2021 - 2022 obtaining the specialization "Sexologist" on the course "Psychology of Sexuality" according to the process-oriented psychology method of Arnold Mindell, 2 modules (St. Petersburg)
2021 - online seminar course from Peter Philippson "Power, dreams and feelings: a modern look at the tools of therapy and counseling." (UK, online)

High education:
2020-2021 - East European Institute of Psychoanalysis, qualification "Psychologist-consultant" with the right to do professional activities in the specialty "psychological counseling". (St. Petersburg)
2008-2009 - Odessa State Ecological University, specialty "Management of organizations"
2008-2009 - Odessa State Environmental University, specialty "Computer Science. Information management systems and technologies".

Arrangement fee
To book participation, you should to make an advance payment of 15 € by PayPal.

duration 5 hours (with tea-breake)
Participation in a group game
60 €
duration 5 hours (with tea-breake)
Participation in a group game "with friend"
100 €
for both
duration 3 hours
Individual game for 1-2 person
100 €
Participation in a group game second time
40 €
Conditions for making an advance payment
To book the place for the Leela game, you need to make an advance payment to German bank card or PayPal - 15 euros. Participants from Ukraine could make only donation.
An advance payment is necessary to accurately understand the number of people. The prepayment for the game is NOT refundable. Except in situations where the date of the game changes due to the Guide. It is possible to transfer the prepayment for your game to another date once.

The organization fee includes

Game handouts
Working with metaphor cards
Tea-break, water, fruits and sweets
Harmonization of psycho-emotional state with aromatherapy
About Leela's field of play
As in ancient times, the playing field is made of fabric, the painting, symbolizing the path of the Soul to the Source, has therapeutic properties. This version of the game is not tied to any of the religions and does not contradict any of them. You won't find specific religious and philosophical terms here (mind games in LEELA hinder rather than help). The interpretation of states is deep and, at the same time, accessible for understanding and feeling. (Author's field of Irina Zhuravel). You can play on a large field 3 by 3 meters, or on a small one at the table.


Additional features

You can order the LEELA Game for your closed company, as an independent event or as part of another event. And also present to your friend a certificate for participation in the game.

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate for the game LEELA will be an unforgettable gift for a person who is fond of self-knowledge and self-development. The certificate can be both for participation in a group game and individually game.
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